Jewish roots of Communism

Russian President Putin in one of his speeches said that first Soviet communist Government had 80-85% Jews. This figure is surprisingly strange given that population of Jews in Russia at that time was less than 2% but their representation in Government was completely out of proportion. I know that many Hindus sympathizes with Jewish Israel but we cannot neglect the fact that Jews were chief architect of Communism which is now a world-wide poison. I am not anti-Semitic or Pro-Islamist but I am simply saying that we cannot trust any Abraham religion. US media which is owned by Jews blame India for being anti-Muslim but the same media projects Israel as victim of Islamic Jihad. UN criticism of Israel is just superficial and they have never imposed severe sanctions on Israel.

I will restrict my argument how Jewish were instrumental in creation of Communism and up to some extent hyper-globalization is also funded by Jewish capitalists. Communism has no governance model it makes protest and disruption the basic business.



Beginning of Communism

Communism is an idea of dangerous solutions. It simply propagates that if your finger nails are growing regularly just cut your fingers as permanent solution. Gradually Communism propagates complete atheism but asks you to literally worship figures like Lenin and Stalin.

Even Wikipedia writes that Karl Max was ethnically Jewish. Remember that the idea propagated is that socialism will ultimately become Communist state. Karl Marx’s work intended to draw a distinction between the utopian socialists and Marx’s own scientific socialist philosophy. Marx spent his childhood in Germany. He was a critique of capitalism but since industries were successful in Western Europe no one was willing to believe his theories. It is said that at some stage of life Marx lived in extreme poverty. It simply means that he was himself unsuccessful in life and propagated idea that all people living in poverty must kill their richer counterparts.

Eastern Europe was new to the idea of mass production of various kinds although they had factories earlier. Everyone is unhappy about their salary and long working hours. This serves as fertile ground for Communism as critique of capitalism.



Bolshevik revolution in Russia

Russian revolution of 1917 was result of efforts carried since 1880s. But the major protest of 1905 gave way to consolidated movement. During First World War nationalist feelings grabbed Russia. But famines and disastrous aftermath effects of war created anger among Russian people. The idea propagated by Communists in Russia was that poor peasants must murder the landlords and should snatch their lands. Troops of Russian Czar were reluctant to attack protesting masses as most of protestors were women along with small children. The February revolution somewhat calmed down but still people were determined to kill Czar.

It is said that October revolution was led by Lenin. But some sources suggest that Lenin was not present at the site it was controlled by Trotsky (he was also Jew).  The Bolsheviks executed the Czar and his crippled son was brutally murdered.

I sometimes feel funny that how Communists can advocate abolishing death penalty and restrained police action when they themselves came to power in Russia by violent means and civil wars. Lenin became full-fledged dictator of Russia and was ready to kill masses for establishment of Communism. Lenin remarked that growing poverty is good sign and will boost Communism in Russia.


Bolshevik/Communist rule in Russia

Wrong remedy is worse than disease and this is what Russia faced for decades. As soon as Lenin came to power they provoked poor people to murder people with bigger houses while Communist leaders lived in luxurious homes. The Bolshevik revolutionaries started looting Orthodox Church property in Russia. Even in India Communists demolished many temples. Kerala and West Bengal temples were always on target.

Everything trade activity in Russia was held by state. Price of each and every commodity was decided by the state. The US intelligence reached to conclusion that Communism is world-wide conspiracy for over throw of civilization and looted wealth will be used for creating and strengthening Jewish state in Middle East. It is said that Jewish German bankers funded Communist movement at each and every step although no money trail has been traced. But one thing is clear that Communism is all about killing indigenous culture and looting money from poor masses.


Bolshevik looting the church


Gulag-forced labor camp in Russia

The Gulag was a system of forced labor camps established during Joseph Stalin’s long reign as dictator of the Soviet Union. The word “Gulag” is an acronym for Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei, or Main Camp Administration. The notorious prisons, which incarcerated about 18 million people throughout their history, operated from the 1920s until shortly after Stalin’s death in 1953. At its height, the Gulag network included hundreds of labor camps that held anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 people each. Conditions at the Gulag were brutal: Prisoners could be required to work up to 14 hours a day, often in extreme weather. Many died of starvation, disease or exhaustion—others were simply executed. The atrocities of the Gulag system have had a long-lasting impact that still permeates Russian society today.

The Communist members, military officers who opposed Stalin’s autocratic rule were sent to Gulag labour camps.

Gulag living conditions were cold, overcrowded and unsanitary. Violence was common among the camp inmates, who were made up of both hardened criminals and political prisoners. In desperation, some stole food and other supplies from each other.

Many workers died from exhaustion, while others were physically assaulted or shot by camp guards. Historians estimate that at least 10 percent of the total Gulag prison population was killed each year. Gulag became weak after death of Stalin millions of prisoners were released. But it was too late and by that time Russia was impoverished from every corner. We all know how Russia was disintegrated into several pieces in 1991.

Some super intellectuals in India were angry when Lenin’s statue was demolished in Tripura. Just ask yourself should India have statues of such barbaric criminals?


Gulag labor camp


Jewish roots of Lenin

Declassified documents of KGB (Russian agency) reveals that Lenin was a Jew. In a letter to Stalin in 1932 — six years after Lenin’s death — Anna Ulyanova, Lenin’s older sister, wrote that their maternal grandfather “came from a poor Jewish family and was, according to his baptismal certificate, the son of Moses Blank.” Blank was born in Zhitomir, Ukraine. In her letter, Ulyanova said her brother “had always thought highly of Jews.” She also urged Stalin to reveal Lenin’s Jewish background, concluding that “it would be wrong to hide it from the masses.”

Stalin, however, ordered Ulyanova to keep Lenin’s Jewish roots under wraps. A few years later, Stalin began to purge Jews from among the leaders of the revolution. Prior to his death in 1953, furthermore, he was preparing to send the whole Jewish population living in the Soviet Union to concentration camps in Siberia.

Most provincial Russian towns have a main road named Lenin Street. You can usually find shops selling luxury goods and banking centres there. They tend to contain all the flashiest symbols of the country’s now capitalist society.


Lies about Bhagat Singh

Typical habit of Communism is that if you expose them they will impose lies on you with double the strength. For long Communist historian wrote that great Bhagat Singh was a terrorist and this edition was published as History books for Delhi University. Gradually they saw that masses love Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad so they reversed the narrative and wrote Bhagat Singh was influenced by Lenin. These Communists change color according to situation but they are determined to demolish your culture.

Bhagat Singh


Communism works to change perception of reality. From extreme state control they will move on to hyper-globalization.

US boycotted UNESCO as they criticized Israel but their media and Senate blames Indian army for Kashmir issue

Those who think that Israel is friend with India are living in dream world. They must know that they are pushing Islam out of Middle East by asking them to do Jihad outside Middle East. Just open your brain and think deeply that US takes different stance on Kashmir and Palestine issue.


Talks will not solve Kashmir problem

Kashmir problem began from the day it became Hindu minority. In 1947 it just had 15% Hindus which came down to 5% in 1981 and ultimately complete exodus took place.

One cannot term it as phenomenon of people’s aspirations and problem of insurgency. The problem further complicates when Western nations, who had History of blood and imperialism take high moral grounds and ask India to look for Humanitarian side. Everyone knows how US crushed the rebellion of 7 Southern states when Lincoln was President and they were all Christian majority states. No one should force India when and why to talk with Pakistan and Hurriyat leaders on issue of Kashmir.

India had several rounds of talks with Pakistan and Kashmir separatist leaders since 1947. Still we were forced to face wars and after war time its again same old routine of talks!

Pakistani artists came to India did all their performances there was enough cultural exchanges too many literature festivals but nothing changed. Our political leadership should admit that talks and peace pigeons failed miserably.



Cry over AFSPA

In my view AFSPA in Kashmir is very weak and must be strengthened to 100 folds. Army does not come on its own will. It’s the power of Governor of state when he realizes that law and order situation has worsened beyond the solving limits of state police. In such a situation when army is called for, one cannot expect normal process of law and formalities.

Supreme Court ordered investigation against 97 killings in Manipur which were alleged as fake encounter by security forces. First of all incompetent judges of Apex court must not poke their nose in such an extra-ordinary circumstances. They refused to order investigations in cases of Kashmiri Hindus who were butchered by Jihadis in 1989-90.

Remember that Army has not taken control on its own wishes. US forces who bombarded Islamic state of Iraq on fake allegations of Chemical weapons must not lecture India on how to deal with Kashmir issue.

One cannot talk with those militants who are trained to shoot with AK-47. Security forces have already shown maximum possible restraint in dealing with AFSPA situation. Rock throwers blinded our security personnel with stones several times. One cannot ignore Human Rights of a person just because he is in uniform. The pain of CRPF and BSF jawans who fight with both naxals and Jihadis are often ignored. They are still lagging with respect to right amount of incentives and other benefits.



Performance of present Government

It’s important to evaluate present Government with full honesty and unbiased attitude. No doubt that terrorist elimination grew multiple times if we compare from previous regimes. Nation appreciated surgical strikes on Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Major Gogoi got Government’s appreciation for his innovative way of dealing with insurgency. Prime Minister Modi raised issue of Baluchistan which was an excellent strategic move.

Building of Chabahar and developing alternative trade tactics posed big challenge before Indian enemies.

Still Modi regime failed on many fronts. Indian Government still playing hide and seek with Hurriyat leaders. They get arrested for few days and then they are released. Medical visas to Pakistan citizens is another blunder by Indian Government. One must be honest in showing rivalry and must not help the enemy state at any cost.

Fear is creeping in minds of Jammu Hindus. The threat of another demographic change is looming over their mind. Kathua case conspiracy proved that Islamic regime can go to any extent to defame Hindus and then justify their violence. It’s not just fear of physical violence but tactics of exerting mental pressure, forcing Hindus to show principles of non-violence in favour of barbarians. Leftist student wings in New Delhi just shout slogans of breaking India and still they are stars of News channels.

Government is just doing lip service in Rohingya Muslims issue. It was clear after Independence that only persecuted Hindus will get shelter in India. The Independence Act clearly gave way to separate Islamic Pakistan and there is no legal obligation on India to bear blunder of Islamic refugees. Government failed to give louder and clearer message to apex court that you cannot hear the matter of Rohingya refugees. Why judiciary must decide matters of refugees and foreign policy? The Hindus in Jammu are frightened when they think about possible demographic change which could be injected with help of West Pakistan and Rohingya Muslim refugees. The protests of Hindus is growing louder while our media is still singing songs of- Islam Khatre mein hai.

10 years.jpg

After enjoying 10 years of Vice resident post he feels Muslims are in danger


Interlocutors: A failed idea of dealing with proble

Congress Govt in 2010 appointed group of interlocutors under the Chairmanship of Dileep Padgaonkar for the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

As expected there was nothing concrete. Some of the recommendations by the group were not in tune with Indian sovereignty. The interlocutor reports said that returning to pre-1953 situation will create constitutional vacuum in Center-State relations.  This statement looks absolute nonsense because we have an army to control the situation and local electoral leadership always indulges in soft separatism.

The committee even recommended to delete the word Temporary from Article 370 and replace it with the word Special. It also recommended to gradually reduce officers from All India Services from Jammu and Kashmir. A further devolution of powers to Panchayati Raj was also mentioned.

These recommendations must never get accepted. Indian Union must not surrender before the evil forces which wants sharia law in Kashmir. Such radical belief gets support of some super secular intellectuals who always looked other side of border with more favorable sight.  We had too many talks with these people but nothing changed.


Possible solution of Kashmir insurgency

I neither support war nor peaceful talk. Today’s era demands proxy-war and strategic moves.

First of all India must remove Article 370. India cannot bear an absolutely independent state within Indian state. It was a temporary provision and can be removed through President Order. The observation of Supreme Court that it has gradually acquired permanent status is wrong and a classic example of Judicial overreach.

Kick out Rohingya Muslims. India is already providing resources to Bangladesh for care of Rohingya Muslims through Operation Insaniyat. Dump some more refugees at that place and get rid of menace. India can offer financial aid to develop Rakhine state of Myanmar but they have to keep their Rohingya Muslims with them.

It is necessary to invest more resources own Jammu region. We cannot continue to spend endlessly on Kashmir Muslims who are just busy in waving Pakistan flags.

Armed insurgency has to be treated with unmanned drone attacks. If Saudi Arabia can get Chairman Seat of UN Human Rights Council after bombarding Yemen with drones just on the ground that Houthi shia might become threat to Saudi Arabia’s National security then India must not shy away from using extra force.  India already secured its oil reserves by placing order with US shale companies and started petroleum plants in Africa.

Invite few Uighur Muslims delegates from China. Let us have media debate and discussion about how China treats its Muslim citizens. Pakistan must get a loud and clear message. Will Pakistan continue to work with nation like China, who suppresses Muslims within its territory?

Last but not least dams on Indus and its tributaries are crucial. Sawalkot dam must be built as fast as possible. World Bank already cleared Kishanganga hydropower project. We can stop Pakistan’s water within the limits of Indus Water treaty. There are many other tactics which cannot be elaborated within formal public discussions




India must learn from its Historical blunders. Amnesty given by Prithvi Raj Chauhan to Muhammad Ghori proved to be disastrous for India. Even Lord Ram and Krishna advocated battle beyond a certain points. More than 70 years of talks and peace efforts failed miserably. We cannot ruin our sovereignty on the name of Human Rights.


US sins are Least Discussed.

President Donald Trump has said the United States has foolishly handed Pakistan more than $US33 billion in aid over the last 15 years while getting nothing in return, and pledged to put a stop to it.

Why the hell US spent so much money on Pakistan even after knowing that terrorist Osama Bin Laden got safe shelter in Pakistan! One cannot sweep this under carpet by just saying US committed foreign policy blunder. It’s an action of proxy, aiding Islamic Jihad against India.

Let us recall glimpses of History. British purposely aided Urdu institution in India. They helped Jinnah to create separate nation on Islamic principles. In Africa they just aided Islamic Jihad, then cracked down on it and started preaching Christianity. Throughout history one can notice hidden alliance of Islam and Christianity. Yes we cannot deny Crusade wars but we can see even in India Christian NGOs are the first one to appease Islamic institutions.

When over a thousand Hindus are killed and a quarter million Hindus ethnically cleansed in Kashmir, the world media doesn’t even notice, but watch the worldwide hue and cry when a few local riots take place. Christian Naga terrorists have been killing non-Christians for decades on end.

targeted us


US hypocrisy on fighting terrorism

US considers Saudi Arabia as vital partner. Let us not restrict this to oil greed because US has great amount of domestic oil resources. US bombarded Iraq on charges of weapon of mass destruction which they never found. US never bombarded Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi citizen and zakat money by Saudi is utilized in terrorism.

In case of Pakistan, US just give stern warning and Pakistan continue to receive financial aid. But in Yemen scenario is completely different. US-Saudi coalition is targeting Yemen’s energy and water infrastructure, causing worst cholera outbreak in history. When the United States does evil abroad, it’s almost always shrouded in secrecy and deception.



US aiding terrorist groups

We know that rock throwers in Kashmir are funded by Pakistan. Even with so much funding most of them are throwing rocks and do not have sophisticated weapons. Some terrorist groups have AK-47 and other small scale bombs.

How ISIS got advanced weapons? Amnesty International said in its report that-The stockpile of weaponry being used by Islamic militants to kill, terrorize, and attack hapless civilians worldwide actually came from more than 25 countries including China, Russia, US, and the European Union states.

How can India expect US cooperation with honest spirit in fighting Islamic Jihad of Pakistan?


Nautanki of world bodies of putting sanctions on Pakistan

The Tribune news report of Dec, 2015 had a piece that more than 300 million euros projects will be setup for rural development of Pakistan. EU thinks that poverty fuels religious extremism. Well Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist and belonged to one of the richest family of Middle East. Hafiz Saeed lives luxurious life.

US is steadily losing its ground on Afghan war. Delaying grant of $1 billion to Pakistan and compelling it to take strong action against Haqqani network will not serve any purpose.

Pakistan military got four Russian Mi-35M attack helicopters. It clearly means that there is no differentiation done on basis of Cold War alliance.

India should not get satisfied by measure like- FATF might put Pakistan into grey list.

Grey list has no meaning at all. North Korea got all Chinese aid and different colour lists just faded off. Even from 2012-15 such actions were taken against Pakistan what India got after that was Pathankot and Uri attacks.


False allegations by US on India

India and US already had serious face off during WTO negotiations. The WTO ruling went against India for favouring local manufacturers in solar development programmes. It shows clear hypocrisy of West. On one hand they pollute more and pressurize us to reduce. On the other hand they want to kill our domestic manufacturers who are working hard on solar projects.

The US panel also accused the Indian police and judiciary of being biased and flawed to “create a pervasive climate of impunity in which religious minorities feel increasingly insecure and have no recourse when religiously-motivated crimes occur’’

Supreme Court of India refused to order investigations against criminals of Kashmiri Hindus. Hindus in Kashmir were butchered by Islamic Jihadist, judiciary refused to take any action still US thinks that Indian system is biased towards Hindus!


Clever ploy

John Dayal is past President of All India Catholic Union.  John Dayal gave testimony against India in US House of Representatives on April 4, 2014. This man is expert in blaming Hindus all the time. None of Indian news channels debated this for continuous stretch like they did in Dadri case

Crack down by Modi Government on Christian backed NGOs become headlines of US and UK newspapers. It’s a well-known fact that Teresa never did any charity she just converted poor into Christianity. It was amazing to see how Western media is interested Akhlaiq.

Many Christian pastors are convicted in various serious offenses but still Hindus are seen as persecutors.




India cannot expect genuine help from US. Pakistan is backed by Western forces to infiltrate terrorists into India. Some people say that US is owned by Jews as AIPAC lobby is strong and US helped Israel out of turn is sighted as evidence. Also the way US Presidents pray on Jewish sites of Jerusalem creates doubt.

Nevertheless the best way to tackle Pakistan is stop their way and we can do that within the limits of Indus Water Treaty.


Donald Trump as President on Jewish site.

Sedition v/s Hate Speech law

Journalists in India and section of super-intellectual class often says that law of sedition is outdated, law enacted during British times which is used as instrument of harassment and therefore must be abolished!

I never heard a single voice against law of Hate Speech which is also a British time law and often used to pamper Islam and target Hindus.

Media wish to ask tough questions to politicians but they are unable to answer simple questions asked to them on social media/online medium. They want authority of people’s mind without responsibilities and feel that debate in comfortable rooms will sort out all national problems!

It’s good to criticize Government in power. But I have not heard constructive criticism on Fasal Bima Yojana and report of CAG. I have not heard continuous debates on how much progress made under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. Some news channels started discussing about employment and vacancies shortage in Government jobs. This noble job happened when they realized that crying on issues like Dadri’s Akhlaiq won’t matter now. Also they never compare what happened in recent past Governments and what they did at that time.

The thing I hear frequently- How Muslims will change political equation? Is there any Modi Wave?

For a change to show that they have sympathy towards society journalists may show you one poor village on TV or Bank sector problems. After that its enthusiasm for some cricketer marriage or celebrity gossip!


No debate on Hate Speech law

On News channels Sitaram Yechury categorically said that shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan does not come under lens of sedition. To my surprise since several months people have not discussed about Hate Speech law which is often used to pamper Muslims and target Vedic Hinduism! Let us discuss history of Hate speech laws.

In 1927 a writing piece named Rangila Rasul came out. It described about life of Muhammad. At that time no Hat Speech law existed. Muslims killed the author. After that British enacted laws which punish on hurting religious sentiments.  Sections of IPC like 253A, 153A deals with Hate Speech.

In 1953 Periyar damaged Ganesh idol. He was booked and trial was held. The lower court said that if an atheist damages an idol then the case is not about hurting sentiments. The High Court disagreed with comment of lower court but dismissed petition as 5 years passed.

Ramji Lal Modi was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment because his cartoons insulted Islam.  One can clearly see a pattern how some laws specifically target Hindus. But media never debates on such issues!

Hate speech law rarely punished comments against Hindu Gods. People protested against movie pk but nothing happened!

2016 - 1


Monopoly of elite on speech

Bharat is a youth nation. The problem with media is that they only present some JNU/DU students as representative of entire population? Will our media come out from Delhi? All debates are hijacked by ABVP/NUSI/AISF concerns and its politics of vote even on non-political genuine needs.

The debate on History is too restricted. One cannot discuss how Islamic invaders destroyed our Temples. I sometimes ask myself is SC/ST Act applicable if Muslim kills Dalit. Because the only narrative presented by media further divided Hindus. Why a person cannot criticize Gandhi in public space.


Last words

If the definition of Nationalism is ambiguous then it’s more complex in case of secularism. Standing for Hindu rights does not make me communal. Speaking against missionary lobby does not make me unintellectal!

Facets of Cultural Invasion

You must have seen a big gang on intellectuals and Bollywood people defending working of Pakistan actors/singers in India. The argument is that border tensions and Art must be kept separate. Well, what is so special about Art that it must always get VIP treatment? Most stories in Hindi films are either from South India or foreign and its repeated re-takes, full on makeup and nepotism child playing lead roles. For now I am focusing on effects of cultural invasion.

Music and arts within India and exchange from Pakistan always flow in one way traffic. No Pakistan actor will recite Gayatri Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa for movies. Urdu is constantly imposed on us. Most of our songs in Bollywood are mixture of English and heavy Urdu. Our news anchors nowadays constantly say Siyasat and not Raajneeti! Our so called intellectuals are trying to adulterate Hindi with too many Urdu words!



The Cultural hegemony

Gramsci, Italian Marxist gave the theory of hegemony. He defined hegemony as when a class succeeds in persuading other classes of a society to accept its own moral, political and cultural values it is called hegemony.

Christian backed NGOs, Islam defending activists and pure Marxists exactly do that to common Hindus. They all are different categories of people but their primary objective is same to defame Vedic Hinduism!

Do you know what is meant by Hindu rate of growth?

India in pre-liberalised period had a slow growth rate about 2-3% annum most of the times. This was termed as Hindu rate of growth. Why these intellectuals never called it Islamic or Christian rate of growth?

One can see this as systematic plan to insult Hinduism and create a forced consensus that economic growth and being religious Hindu are incompatible. On one side our secular class cries that socio-economic status of Muslims is worse than Hindu counterparts but they will relate poverty with being a Hindu!

I have never seen any English editor criticising Burkha as symbol of patriarchy and male domination over women. The intellectuals of editorial pages and news channels are fond of criticizing Karva Chauth fast as old and superstitious practice. They will never question Ramzaan fast of Muslims. There are talks about cracker-less Diwali but not about Blood-less Eid! They always try to present Hinduism as religion of superstition and economic backwardness.



Cultural imposition by film and glamour industry

Fashion trends by our elite Bollywood are copy paste from West they have nothing original to showcase. The type of clothes showcased in Oscar are copied in Indian film industry.

Producers like Karan Johar justified nepotism in Bollywood. According to him kids of star only have right acting and fashion sense. They only deserve lead roles in movies. So common people in India must only yell at nepotism in politics and not of Bollywood because you know Art is above All!

Women empowerment by fashion industry is always viewed from narrow lens of women clothes. Nudity is branded as ultimate right of women. The criticism of News media and fashion industry in termed as Trolling and no one must do that. Because you know Art is above All! One can only abuse politicians.

There must be a descent dressing sense both for boys and girls. Youth channels of our TV box often justify extra-marital sex. I am not commenting on anyone’s personal decision this Western ideology breaks the family fabric.

People have right to drink Whisky but still it’s seen as bad culture. Government does not allow direct advertisement because it may destroy entire youth in race of being fashionably forward. There are things which must be under ambit of social supervision.



The Role of State

After Indian Independence Nehru gave a speech- Tryst with Destiny. More than 95% India did not understand English at that time but Nehru wanted to show his intellectual superiority. I am not saying that kids must not study in English medium schools. English in imposed on us by the state and we are forced to learn English or else our career is doomed. Even in UPSC civil service English language is compulsory paper in mains.

If you do not know English then you have no knowledge that is the key thing enforced in our Indian society. Nehru and Gandhi failed as lawyers but they had excellent command over English! I respect Army but English culture is typical problem of Army officers. They like to have pet dogs because Western society does big campaigns on Save the Dog. If you are an officer you must have habit of drinking hard drink or else…..

Bermuda/small knickers symbolizes officer nature. If a person in Army campus wears Bermuda then his officer-ship gets enhanced. According to newspaper reports Defence Ministry received complaints that 40% officers in Indian Navy practice wife swapping parties! Is it a good sign?

Engineering courses happen only in English we have one Hindi college in Madhya Pradesh. But Alas you know how our society views Hindi/regional medium students!

Historical impacts of Cultural hegemony

One can read about growth of Sufism and poets like Amir Khusro and Kabir Dohas! One can read from Wikepedia and History books that Alauddin Khilji was very much impressed with Khusro and his qawwali compositions.

On one hand Khiljis were looting India killing innocent Hindus on other hand Khusro was spreading qawwali devotion towards Art among Hindus, that Islam loves peace and not all Muslims are bad. The hangover of Urdu among North Indian middle class is worst thing to happen.

Kabir can be traced in fourteenth-fifteenth century when Islamic invasions were at peak. He described Ultimate Reality as: Allah, Khuda, Hazrat and Pir. He also used terms from Vedantic traditions. He attacked Hindu practice of worshipping idols and preached monotheism. His Sufi concepts included zikr and ishq. Muhammad bin Tughluq was first Sultan to visit Muinuddin chishti dargah.

I can give lot of examples. The fact is Sufism was one of the cleverest ploy against Hindus. All chishtis/Doha writers got patronage of barbaric Islamic rulers. Sufi shrewd criticized Hinduism softy by attacking idol worship. These people convinced Hindus that not all Muslims are bad and asked local Hindus to hear their qawwali instead of worrying about Islamic invasions. It was kind of hegemony exercised over natives of India by invading Islamic rulers. These led to conversion of many natives into Islam and brains of most native Hindus were indoctrinated by secularism!

Bolsheviks/Communist rule demolished many churches in Russia. It’s said Communist movement was backed by Jews.  Karl Marx once said that Religion is like opium. Communist rule forced Russian youth to be on opium and drugs!


What can cultural invasion do at present?

Nudity and pre-marital sex are glorified by our fashion industry. If these things perforate within our society people will refuse to marry and have families as only materialistic and sexual pleasure will matter. Thus society will remain child-less and youth will not get added in population and Govt will be burdened with old age population. Already Hindus are minority within 8 states. You can yourself think of many other hazards of cultural invasion.



Modernization is not Westernization. I favour technology transfer from West but not cultural transfer. Developed nations must of the times are reluctant to transfer new technology and give obsolete ones. We must not trust Western NGOs because they have an imperialist past. Why Meghalya and Nagaland became Christian states? There are lot of things to ponder!



Hypocrisy of mass movements

A particular class of movie lovers get fascinated with espionage theories and love to see James Bond movies. The theory propagated about secret missions and super Hero activities is all garbage. Its the gradual process of Ideological Subversion which manipulates mind of youth. It changes perception of Reality and the media propaganda, movies textbooks etc may make you hate your own religion and culture. The primary work of Intelligence agencies is not espionage but cultural propaganda. We have seen hypocrisy of Bollywood, fake mass movements etc. Everything is part of game. Environmental problems come only during Diwali. European environment activists who criticized African tribes must peep inside their own deeds.

100 words


Dalit movements and its perspectives

Some leaders just creep out start abusing upper castes just cry on cherry-picking some issues and deliver the verdict that Hinduism is root cause of all evil. Some political leaders who want to protect reservation for Dalits forgot that Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia University do not give any reservation as they are protected under the name Minority institutions.


Dalit atrocities factor

One cannot question Islam on poor conditions of women. Some of our learned lawyers of Supreme Court started defining civil and criminal laws in their own convenient ways. Islam wants Indian laws in criminal cases but separate shariat in family and civil issues!

According to the convenience of some political classes and so called social activists atrocities on Dalit start increasing. The scripted drama of social justice starts and blame game played. Its always the attempt of secular political class to unite votes of minorities but divide Hindus on caste lines.

A Dalit boy named Savan was burned alive by Muslim goons. At that time all Dalit activists were sleeping and this was never seen as case of communal hatred. A section of media who is always excited Dalit rights was silent. The status of Dalit atrocities and narrative is changed according to convenience. Caste divide created by our secular class. pune.jpg


Dirty truth of large scale mass movements

A large scale mass movement is always orchestrated by state or some powerful capitalist. The aim of such movements is to De-stabilize the system, social culture and ultimately the prime religion of a nation. The Bolsheviks of Russia killed Czar of Russia alleging capitalism in the state and plight of working class. The end result was that freedom of speech was lost and Gulag slave masters crept up.

When I read History of Reformers in India I am surprised to know that all just wanted to reform Vedic Hinduism! No one ever questioned Burkha and no one ever asked why caste system exist in Portugal system of Christianity. The word caste itself came from Europe.

Those who believe that Socialism and Communism are great must read what Gulag slave camps did! Rich merchants were killed their properties were distributed to poor downtrodden. Every commodity became state controlled and poor people worked as slaves were sent to concentration camps!

Those who think Hinduism is bad and Islam or Communism(state which ban religion) will give the something great are living in illusion. Arab sheikhs buy teenage Muslim girls from Hyderabad which never become a month long debate topic like Dadri!


Focusing on Conspiracy against Hinduism and sufferings of Hindus in South India.

Historians and all secular chamchas write History books and narrate the events just to shame Vedic Hinduism. The environment created in India is that speaking Urdu is sign of being intellectual and reading Sanskrit is sign of backwardness. In Kendriya Vidhyalaya and many CBSEs schools German/French came in to replace Sanskrit as third language.

Our Historians divide Bharat on the basis of Aryan and Dravids and write both cultures came to India from foreign land. But they are silent on Islam of Christianity and never say that these cultures were enforced which originated in desert tribes of Arabian Peninsula. All three Abraham religions- Judaism Islam and Christianity just try to capture Jerusalem to make it religious capital with their influence.

So our Historians try to give a view that Vedic Sanatan which is only pushed by Brahmins- its foreign religion, while Islam is very much part of Indian culture. Many of us view Islamic barbarism for North India point of view. Penetration of Islam from Sindh to Punjab finally came to Delhi demolished  temples of Delhi Punjab Kannuaj temples attacked Mathura etc. I just want to focus on multi-layered conspiracy of Islam and Christianity in Southern part of India.

Many poor Dalits were killed by Muslims/Christians but such secular murders are not centre stage debates in Indian media.



Arab invasion through Cheraman Juma mosque

We often discuss about how Islamic invaders demolished Hindu temples and built mosques. Babri masjid built in Ayodhya by invaders or Jama Masjid in Delhi are Central part of discussion. But do we know about invasions of Islam in South India?

Cheraman Juma Mosque built in Thirssur district of Kerala is the oldest mosque in India built in 627 AD. Maybe its the oldest mosque in the world! We can safely conclude that Islamic invasion in India started even before invasion of Muhammad Bin Qasim in Sindh 712 AD. Since ancient times, trade relations between Arabia and India were active. Even before Islam had been established in Arabia, Arab traders visited the Malabar region, which was a major link between the ports of India and South East Asia. With the advent of Islam, the Arab merchants became carriers of the new religion and they propagated it wherever they went. It is said that Vatican church created Islam to win Jerusalem against Jews and Orthodox Christians who were waiting for Messiah but we will discuss this after some time.


Cherman Juma in Kerala


Ancient attacks on Hinduism in South India

Jainism and Buddhism were against Vedas. Bhadrabahu went to Karnataka and other regions as their was famine in Madha to spread religion of Jainism in South India. Earlier Ashoka also contributed to spread of Buddhism particularly in South India, Kashmir region and Sri Lanka. Their were Tamil poems written by few who praised Buddhism and opposed Hinduism. Were Brahmins too bad? Well Greek Megastheses wrote no slavery existed in India. Ajathshatru who organized first Buddhist Council was the one who killed his brothers and imprisoned his father. Ashoka had 45 wives and did enough bloodshed in Kalinga.

I am not blaming Kshatriya. Even a common foot soldier was kshatriya who always supported Hinduism. Brahmins like Nagarjuna became Buddhist and abused Hindus.

Just because Brahmins said state must spend on famine stricken regions and why Kings are busy in just counting their queens it was a plan to remove Hinduism by royal people from North to South.

Lingayat growth and movement against Vedic Hinduism.

Its strange to note that around same time a mass movement started against use of Sanskrit and division of Lord Shiva and Vishnu Bhakts. From North to South pattern of movement was similiar just like Award wapsi gang. In Karnataka a Brahmin named Basvanna started Lingayat movement in 12 century during Kalchuri dynasty rule. He made a group of staunch Shiva Bhakts. He opposed all temple rituals. Like Islam he proposed dead people should be buried. Was he trying to convert Hindus into Islam gradually?

All of you must have remembered the name of famous Anti-Hindu journalist Gauri Lankesh! She was Lingayat along with Kalburgi. They never found any bad practice in Islam but just abused Hindu Dharma throughout their life.

Some Lingayat leaders demand that the Lingayat community must be separated from Hinduism and must be viewed as minorities. Even some leaders of Lingayat community said we must stop idol worship.


Tipu Sultan one of the biggest traitor India ever had.

Karnataka Govt of Congress always favored celebration of Tipu Jayanti. Even many Hindus of state opposed such move still super secular Govt was unmoved. In South India people may have strong affection for language but no secular leader will oppose whi King like Tipu imposed Persian and Urdu on his subjects. Why Telangana Govt under KCR is mad behind propagation if Urdu?

In the words of Ravi Varma, one of the contributors to the anthology: It was Tipu Sultan and his fanatic Muslim army who converted thousands of Hindus to Islam all along the invasion route and occupied areas in North Kerala, Coorg, Mangalore, and other parts of Karnataka. Besides over 8,000 Hindu temples were desecrated and/or destroyed by his Muslim army. Even today, one can see large concentrations of Muslims and ruins of hundreds of destroyed temples in North Kerala as standing evidence of the Islamic brutalities committed by Tipu Sultan … He was, all through, waging a cruel Islamic war against the Hindu population of Kerala, with a large Muslim army and ably assisted by the French with powerful field guns and European troops.

Father of Tipu- Haider Ali was big coward who restored all trade privileges of East India Company once taken by him. Also the theory that Tipu fought British imperialism is completely bogus. One must understand it was proxy war where British and France worked behind the scenes. Tipu acted like slaves of French masters, instead of British rule he wanted French rule in India!



Christian conversions

Christian evangelists and Islamic leaders say Hinduism is bad we treat everyone as equal just convert to our faith. After that demand for Dalit Christians/Muslim status!



Dravid movement for reform of Christian conspiracy?

The Justice Party, officially the South Indian Liberal Federation, was a political party in the Madras Presidency of British India. It was established in 1916 by TM Nair and P Thegarajan Chetty as a result of a series of non-Brahmin conferences and meetings in the presidency.  Lukhnow Session of Congress party 1916 accepted separate electorates for Muslims. Around same time Hindu division seeds are sown in Southern part of India!

The British role in the development of the non-Brahmin movement is broadly accepted by some historians.

Periyar who is projected as Ambedkar of South India hated Hinduism and loved British empire. His refusal to take part in Hindu discourses of language and his dismissal of epics like the Ramayana or Mahabharata has to be seen in this context. He critiqued Hindi and Sanskrit and rejected them for their lack of democratic and liberating potential for the masses. Equally, he was also critical of Tamil and glorification of Tamil pasts.

As regards nationalism, Ambedkar never spoke against India; Periyar, from the late 1930s, never spoke for India. That was the crucial difference between them.

Present scenario of politics in South

In Uttar Pradesh Mayawati gave too many tickets to Muslims in Vidhan Sabha elections. Mulayam Singh Yadav is affectionately termed a Mulla! Similarly in South India we have too many skull cap leaders.


Andhra Praesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu appeasing Muslims.


The idea of Tamil People/Tamil Nation was a natural progression from the seed of anti-Brahminism and it was the DMK which propagated it in the ‘60s decade as a political idea and it was the DMK which had consistently and aggressively voiced Tamil Nadu’s concerns about the political inequities suffered by Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking minorities; and yet, by operating through its adherents and Tamil chauvinists from within the smaller fast-mushrooming Dravidian splinter parties like the MDMK, the PMK and the Viduthalai Chiruthai (VC) the Church put the DMK on the back-foot and on the defensive. The beginning of the transformation of the DMK from a sovereign Dravidian party into a Church-reactive, defensive party had begun; only the DMK was in denial about the role of the Church in the unfolding events.

On the second occasion, the DMK because it was the ruling party in the state, had to perforce stand by the Tamil Nadu police in the police-lawyer stand-off in 2009; the government had to stand by its police officers because Justice Ibrahim Khalifullah in the Madras High Court and the former CJI K.G. Balakrishnan in the Supreme Court adopted unconscionable partisan positions on the issue; and while letting off the striking, lawless lawyers with a mild rebuke, the courts humiliated the police by holding them guilty of contempt of court.

Final Para

There are many more facts and analysis about such conspiracies against India. My only message is Hindus must not get divided on language/region, caste lines. Idea of secularism is false as Abraham religions have their devotion towards Mecca/Jerusalem and will charge against us as soon as opportunity comes. Remember secular forces always oppose Sanskrit teachings with full might as it has potential to revive Vedic Hinduism against all odds of the world.