Hypocrisy of mass movements

A particular class of movie lovers get fascinated with espionage theories and love to see James Bond movies. The theory propagated about secret missions and super Hero activities is all garbage. Its the gradual process of Ideological Subversion which manipulates mind of youth. It changes perception of Reality and the media propaganda, movies textbooks etc may make you hate your own religion and own culture. The primary work of Intelligence agencies is not espionage but cultural propaganda. We have seen hypocrisy of Bollywood, fake mass movements etc. Everything is part of game. Environmental problems come only during Diwali. Those activists who criticize tribal must realize what they are doing!

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Dalit movements and its perspectives

Some leaders just creep out start abusing upper castes just cry on cherry-picking some issues and deliver the verdict that Hinduism is root cause of all evil. Some political leaders who want to protect reservation for Dalits forgot that Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Milia University do not give any reservation as they are protected under the name Minority institutions.


Dalit atrocities factor

One cannot question Islam on poor conditions of women. Some of our learned lawyers of Supreme Court started defining civil and criminal laws in their own convenient ways. Islam wants Indian laws in criminal cases but separate shariat in family and civil issues!

According to the convenience of some political classes and so called social activists atrocities on Dalit start increasing. The scripted drama of social justice starts and blame game played. Its always the attempt of secular political class to unite votes of minorities but divide Hindus on caste lines.

A Dalit boy named Savan was burned alive by Muslim goons. At that time all Dalit activists were sleeping and this was never seen as case of communal hatred. A section of media who is always excited Dalit rights was silent. The status of Dalit atrocities and narrative is changed according to convenience. Caste divide created by our secular class. pune.jpg


Dirty truth of large scale mass movements

A large scale mass movement is always orchestrated by state or some powerful capitalist. The aim of such movements is to De-stabilize the system, social culture and ultimately the prime religion of a nation. The Bolsheviks of Russia killed Czar of Russia alleging capitalism in the state and plight of working class. The end result was that freedom of speech was lost and Gulag slave masters crept up.

When I read History of Reformers in India I am surprised to know that all just wanted to reform Vedic Hinduism! No one ever questioned Burkha and no one ever asked why caste system exist in Portugal system of Christianity. The word caste itself came from Europe.

Those who believe that Socialism and Communism are great must read what Gulag slave camps did! Rich merchants were killed their properties were distributed to poor downtrodden. Every commodity became state controlled and poor people worked as slaves were sent to concentration camps!

Those who think Hinduism is bad and Islam or Communism(state which ban religion) will give the something great are living in illusion. Arab sheikhs buy teenage Muslim girls from Hyderabad which never become a month long debate topic like Dadri!



Focusing on Conspiracy against Hinduism and sufferings of Hindus in South India.

Historians and all secular chamchas write History books and narrate the events just to shame Vedic Hinduism. The environment created in India is that speaking Urdu is sign of being intellectual and reading Sanskrit is sign of backwardness. In Kendriya Vidhyalaya and many CBSEs schools German/French came in to replace Sanskrit as third language.

Our Historians divide India on the basis of Aryan and Dravids and write both cultures came to India from foreign land. But they are silent on Islam of Christianity and never say that these cultures were enforced which originated in desert tribes of Arabian Peninsula. All three Abraham religions- Judaism Islam and Christianity just try to capture Jerusalem to make it religious capital with their influence.

So our Historians try to give a view that Hinduism which is only pushed by Brahmins- its foreign religion, while Islam is very much part of Indian culture. Many of us view Islamic barbarism for North India point of view. Penetration of Islam from Sindh to Punjab finally came to Delhi demolished  temples of Delhi Punjab Kannuaj temples attacked Mathura etc. I just want to focus on multi-layered conspiracy of Islam and Christianity in Southern part of India.

Many poor Dalits killed by Muslims/Christians but such secular murders are not centre stage debates in Indian media.



Arab invasion through Cheraman Juma mosque

We often discuss about how Islamic invaders demolished Hindu temples and built mosques. Babri masjid built in Ayodhya by invaders or Jama Masjid in Delhi are Central part of discussion. But do we know about invasions of Islam in South India?

Cheraman Juma Mosque built in Thirssur district of Kerala is the oldest mosque in India built in 627 AD. Maybe its the oldest mosque in the world! We can safely conclude that Islamic invasion in India started even before invasion of Muhammad Bin Qasim in Sindh 712 AD. Since ancient times, trade relations between Arabia and India were active. Even before Islam had been established in Arabia, Arab traders visited the Malabar region, which was a major link between the ports of India and South East Asia. With the advent of Islam, the Arab merchants became carriers of the new religion and they propagated it wherever they went. It is said that Vatican church created Islam to win Jerusalem against Jews and Orthodox Christians who were waiting for Messiah but we will discuss this after some time.


Cherman Juma in Kerala


Ancient attacks on Hinduism in South India

Jainism and Buddhism were against Vedas. Bhadrabahu went to Karnataka and other regions as their was famine in Madha to spread religion of Jainism in South India. Earlier Ashoka also contributed to spread of Buddhism particularly in South India, Kashmir region and Sri Lanka. Their were Tamil poems written by few who praised Buddhism and opposed Hinduism. Were Brahmins too bad? Well Greek Megastheses wrote no slavery existed in India. Ajathshatru who organized first Buddhist Council was the one who killed his brothers and imprisoned his father. Ashoka had 45 wives and did enough bloodshed in Kalinga.

I am not blaming Kshatriya. Even a common foot soldier was kshatriya who always supported Hinduism. Brahmins like Nagarjuna became Buddhist and abused Hindus.

Just because Brahmins said state must spend on famine stricken regions and why Kings are busy in just counting their queens it was a plan to remove Hinduism by royal people from North to South.

Lingayat growth and movement against Vedic Hinduism.

Its strange to note that around same time a mass movement started against use of Sanskrit and division of Lord Shiva and Vishnu Bhakts. From North to South pattern of movement was similiar just like Award wapsi gang. In Karnataka a Brahmin named Basvanna started Lingayat movement in 12 century during Kalchuri dynasty rule. He made a group of staunch Shiva Bhakts. He opposed all temple rituals. Like Islam he proposed dead people should be buried. Was he trying to convert Hindus into Islam gradually?

All of you must have remembered the name of famous Anti-Hindu journalist Gauri Lankesh! She was Lingayat along with Kalburgi. They never found any bad practice in Islam but just abused Hinduism throughout their life.

Some Lingayat leaders demand that the Lingayat community must be separated from Hinduism and must be viewed as minorities. Even some leaders of Lingayat community said we must stop idol worship.


Tipu Sultan one of the biggest traitor India ever had.

Karnataka Govt of Congress always favored celebration of Tipu Jayanti. Even many Hindus of state opposed such move still super secular Govt was unmoved. In South India people may have strong affection for language but no secular leader will oppose whi King like Tipu imposed Persian and Urdu on his subjects. Why Telangana Govt under KCR is mad behind propagation if Urdu?

In the words of Ravi Varma, one of the contributors to the anthology: It was Tipu Sultan and his fanatic Muslim army who converted thousands of Hindus to Islam all along the invasion route and occupied areas in North Kerala, Coorg, Mangalore, and other parts of Karnataka. Besides over 8,000 Hindu temples were desecrated and/or destroyed by his Muslim army. Even today, one can see large concentrations of Muslims and ruins of hundreds of destroyed temples in North Kerala as standing evidence of the Islamic brutalities committed by Tipu Sultan … He was, all through, waging a cruel Islamic war against the Hindu population of Kerala, with a large Muslim army and ably assisted by the French with powerful field guns and European troops.

Father of Tipu- Haider Ali was big coward who restored all trade privileges of East India Company once taken by him. Also the theory that Tipu fought British imperialism is completely bogus. One must understand it was proxy war where British and France worked behind the scenes. Tipu acted like slaves of French masters, instead of British rule he wanted French rule in India!



Christian conversions

Christian evangelists and Islamic leaders say Hinduism is bad we treat everyone as equal just convert to our faith. After that demand for Dalit Christians/Muslim status!



Dravid movement for reform of Christian conspiracy?

The Justice Party, officially the South Indian Liberal Federation, was a political party in the Madras Presidency of British India. It was established in 1916 by TM Nair and P Thegarajan Chetty as a result of a series of non-Brahmin conferences and meetings in the presidency.  Lukhnow Session of Congress party 1916 accepted separate electorates for Muslims. Around same time Hindu division seeds are sown in Southern part of India!

The British role in the development of the non-Brahmin movement is broadly accepted by some historians.

Periyar who is projected as Ambedkar of South India hated Hinduism and loved British empire. His refusal to take part in Hindu discourses of language and his dismissal of epics like the Ramayana or Mahabharata has to be seen in this context. He critiqued Hindi and Sanskrit and rejected them for their lack of democratic and liberating potential for the masses. Equally, he was also critical of Tamil and glorification of Tamil pasts.

As regards nationalism, Ambedkar never spoke against India; Periyar, from the late 1930s, never spoke for India. That was the crucial difference between them.

Present scenario of politics in South

In Uttar Pradesh Mayawati gave too many tickets to Muslims in Vidhan Sabha elections. Mulayam Singh Yadav is affectionately termed a Mulla! Similarly in South India we have too many skull cap leaders.


Andhra Praesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu appeasing Muslims.


The idea of Tamil People/Tamil Nation was a natural progression from the seed of anti-Brahminism and it was the DMK which propagated it in the ‘60s decade as a political idea and it was the DMK which had consistently and aggressively voiced Tamil Nadu’s concerns about the political inequities suffered by Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking minorities; and yet, by operating through its adherents and Tamil chauvinists from within the smaller fast-mushrooming Dravidian splinter parties like the MDMK, the PMK and the Viduthalai Chiruthai (VC) the Church put the DMK on the back-foot and on the defensive. The beginning of the transformation of the DMK from a sovereign Dravidian party into a Church-reactive, defensive party had begun; only the DMK was in denial about the role of the Church in the unfolding events.

On the second occasion, the DMK because it was the ruling party in the state, had to perforce stand by the Tamil Nadu police in the police-lawyer stand-off in 2009; the government had to stand by its police officers because Justice Ibrahim Khalifullah in the Madras High Court and the former CJI K.G. Balakrishnan in the Supreme Court adopted unconscionable partisan positions on the issue; and while letting off the striking, lawless lawyers with a mild rebuke, the courts humiliated the police by holding them guilty of contempt of court.

Final Para

There are many more facts and analysis about such conspiracies against India. My only message is Hindus must not get divided on language/region, caste lines. Idea of secularism is false as Abraham religions have their devotion towards Mecca/Jerusalem and will charge against us as soon as opportunity comes. Remember secular forces always oppose Sanskrit teachings with full might as it has potential to revive Vedic Hinduism against all odds of the world.










Islamic Help to British Raj: Not discussed by our elite Intellectuals

History in the modern era is tool of furthering propaganda and a systematic program to humiliate glorious traditions and make the majority community feel ashamed without any reason. Our History books are just an extension of what British historians and Government records wrote and we all know White Europeans always manipulated facts or wrote some ridiculous conclusions or have equated mountain to mole in their favour.

I am not writing any new fact I am just repeating what History we have been taught in our schools what some of our Leftist Professors in Central Universities write my objective is stressing on some key points. I am not saying that no Hindu was traitor. Off course many were that is why Islamic rulers invaded and we were suppressed by numerous killed by numerous foreign invaders.

The Scindia Royal family are technically traitors, refusing refuge to Rani Laxmi Bai and owing allegiance to the then British Empire and unfortunately they are still in Indian politics.  But let us talk about myths that Islamic intelligentsia was pro-India and those so- called radical Hindus took side of British.

Moderate-Nationalist divide and Congress blunders


Every History book writes that AO Hume who was former British civil service officer was founder of Indian National Congress. Like present day Congress led by Sonia Gandhi the whole Congress idea was given by a foreigner. AO Hume wanted more rights for Muslims and it was the basis of British Muslim appeasement policy which ultimately led to partition of India. Moderate leaders of Congress always believed in Constitutional methods of writing petitions and meeting Govt officials. They were not in favour of boycott of British goods or any mass agitation. Surat Split of 1907 which created Nationalist-moderate divide just helped Muslims to bargain more political powers.


Sayyid Ahmed Khan and his love for British empire


Sayyid Ahmed Khan is loved by course makers of Political Science and he is portrayed as great Political thinker of India. He was founder of Aligarh movement which later became Aligarh Muslim university.

He believed that Muslim share in administrative posts and in various professions can only be increased by professing loyalty to British. Many History books also write that Hindu coloring of Nationalist movement allowed British to use Muslims as counter weight against the British. These reactions from educated Muslims allowed British to form coercive laws against India and the political class always remained divided.

I have never heard any journalist or any Gandhian champion asking why such a stand was taken by Muslim elite class. Today Aligarh Muslim University is epicenter of white collared Jihad.


Bengal partition and further differences

The moderates of Congress who were big businessmen or lawyers were soft on British Raj. Tilak who wrote against agricultural policies of British Govt and was ready for Swaraj never pleased the secular modern intelligentsia of Congress.

The Bengal partition of 1905 was thrown as opportunity by British Raj to elite Muslims to establish their political ground. At the end of 1906, All India Muslim League was established by Aga Khan and Mohsin-ul-Mulk. A branch of Muslim League was set up in London,1908. It clearly shows that British were pleased with Muslim leaders and even gave them ground in London to establish their office! Some Muslims felt angry because British to help Turkey in Italian and Balkan Wars(1911). So the Islamic classes were more worried about Turkey than India!


Anger towards Congress

Indian Council Act of 1909 gave special provisions of representation to landlords, Muslims, European and Indian Commerce. Under the separate electorates Muslims could vote exclusively for Muslim candidates in constituencies reserved for them. Leaders like Madan Mohan Malvaiya were extremely furious as too many concessions were given to Muslim classes. He felt that many Hindus are not aware about the political and sociological games played and Banaras Hindu University started taking shape in order to educate Indians.

Congress leaders were totally mum on extra concessions to Muslims. At last in Lukhnow pact 1916 moderates surrendered before Islamic political class and accepted separate electorates for Muslims. Like present day too many schemes for Muslims!


Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-1922)

Many Nationalist leaders were planning to launch nation-wide campaign to gain independence from British while Muslim classes had other plans. The Muslims living in India were aggravated and their apprehensions about harsh treaty to be imposed on defeated Ottomon empire was fast becoming a reality. British defeated Axis powers and the Islamic Turkey was also among-st the losers.

So the Muslims started Khilafat movement. Its demand were- Turkish Khalifa Sultan must retain control over Muslim holy places and he must be left with sufficient territories to defend Islamic faith and Jaziarat-ul-Arab (Arabia,Syria,Iraq and Palestine) must remain under Muslim suzerainty. The Ali brothers(not Muhammad Ali Jinnah) led the Muslim masses and their demands for only concentrated on Khalifa! While super non-violent Gandhi mixed Khilafat and Non-Cooperation movement and asked Congress leaders to raise voice in favour of Turkey. Was the fight for Turkey or India?

Also the Muslim leaders were not at all interested in protesting against Jallianwala Bagh massacre and wanted Congress to protect Islamic interests. Hindu Mahasabha by Malvaiya was revived in 1923 and former Congress worker Hegdewar started RSS in Nagpur,1925. The general Muslim aloofness for Freedom Struggle often led to communal tensions. However many poor Hindu peasant minds got diverted towards exploitation by zamindars and British rule and were not interested in carrying communal conflict forever.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Ghaffar Khan became fervent disciple of Gandhi after attending Lahore Congress sessions. But this man was had huge fan following of Muslim fanatics and he was the one who helped Congress to win 1937 council elections in Muslim majority area of West Punjab and Sindh. This man who quickly grabbed idea of Pakistan got Bharat Ratna because of our super-secular Govt. He was known as frontier Gandhi who just jumped into Pakistan although some textbooks say he opposed partition. So Gandhi helped Jinnah making Pakistan and Frontier Gandhi jumped into Pakistan. His Red Shirts movement faced complains that group of Muslims attacked minority Hindus but authorities were not interested in any action!



Literary traitor Iqbal

Everyone of us have listened to song Saare Jahan se Accha Hindustan Hamara which was written by Muhammad Iqbal. He also called Lord Ram Imaam of India. But this man was very much interested in construction of more mosques by taxpayers money and at times firmly advocated formation of Pakistan. Let us remember that Urdu shayar may reveal few good words for India but at core they are playing Taqqiya. He immediately shifted to Pakistan and started praising Islamic rule and abusing India!

Iqbal and Jinnah.jpg

The views of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Iqbal were same but people may not hate Iqbal just because he was renowned urdu shayar or I must say made renowned by secular patronage.

Final words

I am not defending any particular organization. But we must think why great freedom fighter like Subhash Chandra Bose left Congress and formed his own Forward Bloc. RSS and Hindu Mahasbha were struggling for their presence and ground political field even in 1950s. Some leaders who were doubted Islamic intentions were called communal traitors. Some leaders of Hindu Mahasbha doubted Quit India Movement because previously During Non-Cooperation movement many people died, Jalliawala massacare and Gandhi suddenly called off Non-Cooperation movement as British officials were killed. The people with Urdu sweetness are sometimes deceiving you with propaganda. We still hear stories that Muslims are peaceful while only Hindu extremism exist. Maybe we Hindus are over-tolerant! Do not believe me or any other author. Just read the facts, read between the lines and draw your own conclusion!



Let us learn to question Judges

Diwali 2017 and Supreme Court passed a dictate against Delhi. Let us in short analyze the meaning of environmental concerns in secular corridors!

Environment > Hindu festivals

Muslim festivals > Environment

Muslim festival >Environment > Hindu festivals.

In our society the term corrupt generally covers police officers, PWD and other administrative departments. People from traffic signals to their specific grievances face these officials. But according to me police department is the most hard working force of nation as far as civil administration is concerned. From security of politicians to security to security of common masses especially during festival times performed by police with full dedication and tireless efforts. Many see shows like Crime Patrol which shows efforts of police in solving cases.

I have hardly seen people who blames Judiciary for corruption except on the occasion of Salmaan Khan verdict. I am not justifying the corruption in executive class but I am pointing out the fact that corruption of judiciary goes unquestioned.


Recent Judgement on Fire Crackers


According to our democratic setup we can question/abuse politicians even Prime Minister is not spared but the Judges of Higher judiciary cannot be questioned! They are acting as feudal Lords in Democracy and we must also observe that it took 22 years for our full legal system to convict Yakub Memon who was one of the conspirators on Mumbai Bomb Blast 1993.

Judiciary is so slow even in terrorist cases which shows lack of professionalism and no concern for innocent victims.

Supreme Court wants to interpret Muslim civil laws in light of Quran but will pass judgements on Dahi Handi or any other Hindu festival without thinking.

The argument put forth by liberal secular jokers- There was no crackers at the time of Lord Ram.

Even loudspeaker was not present during times of Muhammad. Even Muslims were not present when Lord Ram was King! All environmentalists now will sleep on various problems of over-fishing, damage of ozone layer by Air Conditioners etc. They will again wake up at Holi to preach about water wastage and colors. Well I prefer natural colors during Holi and advise others to do same.

Even in the Triple Talaq case Justice JS Khehar wanted interpretation in light of Quran. He wanted practice to continue. Somehow Muslim women won by 3:2!!


The case of Kashmiri Pandits


There are no minority affirmative laws in state of Jammu and Kashmir. In fact there is a petition saying Hindus are minorities in 8 states of India. Many Kashmiri Pandits were killed,raped and forced to flee leaving their property behind in Kashmir in 1989-90.

Supreme Court refused to hear voice of Kashmiri Pandit victims. Still under Modi Govt Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their homes are struggling for status of Internally Displaced Migrants.

We have already seen Kairana incident of Uttar Pradesh where at last even National Human Rights Commission admitted that Hindus were threatened by Islamic majority and many were forced to leave their shops and homes. It was not a migration is search of jobs because many sold their shops at much lower price than what they would get in normal circumstances of law and order. Many victims of Kairana pleaded to new CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath. Somehow I came to know informally that they are getting positive response but I am not 100% sure about this fact.





Akhilesh Yadav in full secular mode.


Final Para

I am not an anarchist and I am not against instrument. But our Judiciary is suffering from Uncle Judge Syndrome we have problems of rampant nepotism in our Judiciary. We love to talk about nepotism, dynastic succession of political parties but most people ignore such things happening in Bollywood and even in Judiciary. We have many dance competition reality shows we see many good dancers but at last same old bad dancing actors earn money on songs.

The word activism gives ignoring sense in our mind. Judiciary love to poke their nose on what should be the discretionary power of Lok Sabha speaker or Constitutional validity of any law. They struck down NJAC which challenged idea of Judges selecting Judges in Collegium system.

Promulgation of ordinance and many other things judiciary is involved in all nonsense kinds of activism. They are not bothered about backlog of huge number of cases. Crying on less number of judges is wrong because there are many quasi-judicial bodies we also have Consumer Commissions which are sharing burden of civil courts. Many sectors o Government have numerous vacant seats but its the Judiciary who cries most.

I appreciate some judges who are quick in delivering justice but remember case of Nirbhaya which ignited wave of fighting against women harassment failed for speedy trials in numerous rape cases! Courts fail to deliver justice on cases where investigation has been completed by police/CBI and charge-sheet lies before them!

In my view the procedure of impeachment is too difficult to execute. Only Soumitra Sen was forced to leave his office by the this process. There must be a commission to investigate charges against Judges of Higher Judiciary. Punish the person without punishing the office.

Kashmiri Hindus who faced serious human rights violations still waiting for trials- Azaan from mosques is still nightmare for them!!!!





Conspiracy against Vedic Hinduism: Saga of more than 2000 years.

Do you know what is the biggest weakness of Hindus? Its over-tolerance. Many think that divisions of castes and other sects were created by British. Some say it has been always the case. Well let us examine History carefully and try to look for answers.

Muslim rulers from Persia,Turkey and Afghan region continuously invaded India converted people forcibly but secular pigs will say-Oh Islam got prominence only because of peaceful Sufis. Even Sufis are Jihadists and portraying them as epitome of peace is big falsehood.

Greeks were defeated by India in BC times. Even after that we have seen some Greek intellectuals like Megastheses staying back in India to record events! Why?

Buddhist ideologues challenged the idea of Vedas they advocated austere lifestyle but there were grand Vihars(place where Buddhist preachers stay).

Ajathshatru who imprisoned his father and attacked his mother’s native kingdom organized First Buddhist council and Buddhists never opposed such a violent man!

I will not talk about Buddhism in details but want to describe how Sufi and Bhakti movements were conspiracy against Bharat and also examine how peace and Non-violence in excess reduce a society into laughing stock.

Never believe sweet words of foreign religions as Sufism is fraud, the peace message of Jesus was always followed by European invasion.

Whatever facts I am writing are well documented in NCERT History Books and also in some leading publications of India.


Flawed Interpretation of History

The History Departments of our country were occupied by Left jokers who had immense hatred for India and always tried to present facts in distorted forms. In some cases they crossed their limits by saying in few programs that Arabs were very progressive just to appease Muslims.

One basic argument of liberals is that Vedic Hindusim was dominated by Brahmans and literally they try to speak that foreign invaders did good by looting and killing Indians and converting some natives into Christianity or Islam.

Guptas who ruled most of Northern India were not Brahmans.  Nagarjuna who Brahman, minister in the court of Kanishka converted into Buddhism and criticized Vedas,Hindu rituals.

It is often said that during Gupta period women rights had no values. Well it was a fairly good period for India as many foreign invaders were kept out of vision. It is peculiar to note that historians who are unable to tell estimated strength of Gupta’s army their war strategy are so confident about the fact that this Hindu empire was anti-women and Sati started in Gupta reign. I just want to ask that when no personal record of King justifies Sati how historians arrived at this conclusion. Also it is clearly mentioned in Ancient History Book of RS Sharma that during Gupta empire women had Land Rights.

Clearly it is evident that women exploitation as justified mass practice creeped into India only because of Islamic culture. Samudragupta is portrayed as aggressive King by historians but Akbar who invaded Rajasthan and Kashmir converted many Hindus by bribe or force is considered as very great King!!

I will also justify my point that how Bhakti movement was a conspiracy on the name of reform and how many historical facts are not mentioned enough number of times and gradually diluted.




Thinking deeply about Bhakti movement

In 711 AD Arab general Muhammad Qasim conquered Sindh. After the conquest, Muhammad bin Qasim’s task was to set up an administrative structure for a stable Muslim state that incorporated a newly conquered alien land, inhabited by non-Muslims.

He was a cruel ruler who sold many Hindu girls as sex slaves in Arab region. Well Indian Muslims consider this guy as hero and secular historians have no problem with him.He destroyed many temples looted gold and imposed jaziya tax on Non-Muslims.

It is interesting to note that only around 720 AD Naynars and Alvars ie separate group of Vishnu and Shiva worshipers came into existence. Instead of condemning Islamic conquest and foreign invasions they started creating divisions among Hindus. No one bothered to reconstruct demolished temples of North West. Logically it can be concluded that before further conquest Islam tried to create divisions Hindus and the money collected from jaziya tax helped them to do such plannings.

When Islam was unable to penetrate further easily they sent Sufism inside India as peaceful messengers. Pilgrimage called zirayat and tombs of Sufis could have hlped Muslim soldiers to hide inside.

Cruel Kings like Tughlaq gave patronage to Sufi and Chishtis clearly means that Sufism had hidden agenda of Islamic conquest. Bhakti movement was against use of Sanskrit teachings. They could have asked for education for all. I mean to say that there are millions of poor who are unable to get education but it does not mean that a movement should erupt which will ban use of English or Hindi!

The ideas used in Bhakti movements were like Abraham religion. Hindus believe in Brahma Vishnu Mahesh while Bhakti said only one God exist just like the teachings of Abraham religions. Even after the continuous Muslim invasions Bhakti movement advocated friendship of Ram and Rehman which is what present day secular ad Leftists Jihadis say!



Specifics of Lingayat within Bhakti movement

I am not against any community but want to explain the specific trends of separatism emerged within Hinduism. Lingayat community of Karnataka who are considered as people challenging Brahman traditions have strange elements within them.

Lingayat movement was started by Brahman named Basvanna(1106-1168) who was a minister in court of Kalachuri ruler. Lingayats are considered as Shiva devotees and also called as Heroes of Shiva.

They do not perform cremation(burning dead body) like other Hindu communities but bury their dead. Burial off dead is a practice followed in Islam and Christianity. So this Lingayat community is more close to foreign invading religion than Hinduism!

At a times it also seen that some Leftist Lingayat leaders oppose idol worship and want system like Islam where they do not have to pray idols.

I appreciate efforts of many religious leaders who always worked for unity for Lingayats with other sects of Hindus.



Ignored History of Kerala

Thrissur district in Kerala is a place which have seen much of violence even after independence. The ports of Malabar in Kerala have served as trading centers since many centuries. Muhammad died in Arab land in 632 AD.

Many people do not know that Cheraman Juma mosque was built in Kerala in 627 AD by Arab Islamic propagator Malik Deenar.

So now try to connect dots. Arabs invaded Sindh in 711 AD and Arabs gained influence through cultural invasion in South India around same time. So one can see why separatist trends within Hinduism started both at North West and South India around same time. Why Bhakti and Sufi movements started criticizing Vedic Hinduism and was more close to Islam.


Christian invasion in India

Gondophares founder of Indo-Parthian dynasty was not very successful and after conquering small piece of land was uprooted soon. He claimed himself to be of Zoroastrian origin. Its not clear whether these Kings themselves converted to Christianity or not. Thomas a Christian preacher came to India during his reign. He started preaching Christianity but it was in vain. He did not have military might at that time to forcibly convert people into Christianity.

Christianity arrived in India around same time it arrived in Europe. Let us now focus on Portugal invasion of Goa.

Vasco Da Gama came to India in 1498. Remember he was not a tourist but a military agent who was scouting India. Gradually missionaries started entering India from the same route which was followed by Vasco Da Gama.

Portugal rule in Goa is said to be dated around 1560 AD. The Portuguese colonial administration enacted anti Hindu laws to encourage conversions to Christianity. Laws were passed banning Christians from keeping Hindus in their employ, and the public worship of Hindus was deemed unlawful. Hindus were forced to assemble periodically in churches to listen to preaching or to refutation of their religion. Remember that Portugal along with Spanish also have history of killing Syrian Christians in Arab region.




A Hindu tortured during Portugal regime. He was found practicing Hinduism secretly.


Final Para

I know I have missed many events of history and even 1000s of volumes are not enough to cover details of conspiracy against Hindus. I skipped Mughal atrocities Khiljis and British rule because most people know about that. I may write some specific details about atrocities of British and Mughals in my next article.

Remember that everything began with funding separatist trends within Hindus. Then military invasions occur. After that converted pigs act as foreign agent. In Hyderabad Arabs take young poor Muslim girls as one week wife rape them and leave them again in India. But have u seen any Muslim speaking against their Arab masters?

Speaks a lot about how conversion turns you into Mecca or Vatican slave!




Polity and society in Terrorist nation Pakistan

We all know that Pakistan is the biggest manufacturing hub of terrorist industry. All types of Mujahedin are trained in Pakistan. I am not going into detailed Historical perspectives which led to creation of Pakistan. The only aim of Pakistan is- Hate India.

I am not joking its a real fact. They will never built relations with other nations for economic co-operation or some industrial raw material. On climate summits we will not see any word from Pakistan. Their relations with South East Asia are nil.  They side with China so that they get UN Security Council support for every act they do against India. In every UN meeting they will just keep on blaming India. On the other hand India always took the cause of developing nation although it was more of bureaucratic effort than political!

Pakistan still lives in Tughlaq and Mughal era. They believe that one day they will successfully invade India to establish Islamic rule all over India. When they lost straight forward military battles against India they started using different proxy tactics like sending terrorists also Presstitutes who manufacture Hindu terror stories are part of Pakistan’s conspiracy.

Pakistan acts as sex slave for Saudi Arabia and concubine for China. They will get excited when Saudi Arabia funds their madrasah and Chinese people pat their back. Let us look at some aspects of terrorist state of Pakistan.


Who Rules Pakistan?

We all know that its all fake democracy in Pakistan. They show themselves as democratic so that they get alms from US on the name of fighting terrorism. But we have seen section of media and so called intellectuals which always says its a military ruled state.

This claim of military rule is false. The real ruler of Pakistan is Hafiz Saeed. Army Generals of Pakistan change but agenda of Hafiz Saeed always remains. I am not saying this on the basis of any official report published by any organization but from what I can see clear and open.

One can see video of Hafiz Saeed rally and observe that his rally look more organized than rally of Nawaz Sharif or any big political leader of Pakistan. These is no special transportation arrangement by Pakistan Govt during address of any political leader.

But News reports especially in 2014 said that Pakistan witnessed special trains for Hafiz Saeed rallies. This was mentioned in media news websites including Hindustan Times. It clearly suggests who owns the instrument of state. Whenever Hafiz Saeed in his rally cries for special Jihad against India only after that more infiltration from Pakistan side starts. Like a King Hafiz Saeed roams in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Indian news agencies are afraid to report complete details!

The House arrest is just a fake concept. Pakistan fear Indian agencies tracing Hafiz Saeed so they give him safe mansion to hide on the name of House arrest.

We have seen Punjabi Muslims dominating Pakistan dominating every sphere of Pakistan but Hafiz Saeed who came to Pakistan from UP is ruler of Pakistan suggests that he is blessed by Arabs who can abuse Pakistan anytime but still Pakistan remains their loyal dog.



Role of Nawaz Sharif

His role is just to read paper in front of his own mob or any UN meeting. He is a capitalist who entered into politics just to save his wealthy businesses. He always maintained good relations with Zia-ul-Haq who agreed to return his steel mills he lost in nationalization policies of Zulfiqur Ali Bhutto. It is evident that he always used extreme Islam so that he gains more weight than military people. Today he is just sitting to save his industries and he is just a face behind which Hafiz Saeed hides.

Internal war of Pakistan

They always plan conspiracy against India but house of Pakistan is too much disturbed. I have seen their media anchors barking like fools that Muslims in India are unsafe. Well many Muslims from India who wanted to live in India were kicked out as they were termed Muhajjirs by Pakistan.

Pakistan must realize that even if they fuel protests in Kashmir on the name of Islam Indian forces can crush these terrorists in no time. They turn blind eye on their war crimes in Baluchistan and people of Sindh are fed up from Pakistani state. I felt bad when some shameless people of Baluchistan started blaming India for Kashmir. Even if we leave Baloch we still can support people of PoK who are against Pakistan. We can support people of Sindh who wants separate Sindhu-Desh. We have many options open. I think for India supporting separate Sindhu-Desh is more beneficial than separate Baluchistan. India should raise issue of referendum for separate Sindhu-Desh.




How Terrorist Industry of Pakistan functions.

Saudi Arabia declared itself the sole protector of Sunni Islam. Many Islamic nations obey Saudi as the nation has holiest places of Islam Mecca and Medina. Wikileaks and many news agencies claimed that Taliban and Sunni groups funded by Saudi Arabia. Now ISI of Pakistan is in-charge of these groups and it takes care of their training and all other needs. All the madrasahs operated in Pakistan and even in parts of India get funds from Saudi Arabia. All the Islamic terror activities are transported to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

No Pakistan actor visits India without ISI approval. We Indians become emotional and will make some Pakistan singers and actors super hit. A part of that money is received by terror groups in Pakistan. Bollywood lobby to defend these Pakistan actors. Urdu has been over-utilized in Hindi movies because people in India won’t mind it and they will gain huge collections in Pakistan and Middle East as well. journal


Pakistan always gets big grants from US. They also get part of firearms which Islamic Arab nations purchase from West powers. Many Indians think that why US still funds Pakistan even after knowing that Osama Bin Laden got safe heaven in Pakistan? One must know that big donors of political parties in US are from Saudi Arabia.

We also say that Leftist news agencies are funded by Pakistan. Well oil money funded terrorism all across the globe. stepping.jpg

Society of Pakistan.

Well society of Pakistan is filled with dirt. From childhood they learn Islamic supremacy. They have devastated infrastructure and they are more worried about imposing Urdu on their children. They have big dreams about China-Pakistan economic corridor but they are not sure what they must do.  These shameless people marry their own cousin sisters catch genetic diseases on some occasions. Alas they can blame India even for that.

Such marriages in close relationship is normal for people in Pakistan.



What India should do against Pakistan?

Pakistan is already a disturbed state India should help them to become more disturbed. India’s deal on Chabahar is great as we are by-passing Pakistan for trade routes.

India should encourage Shia Iran so that they attack on Sunni Pakistan. I hope our agencies will successfully do that.







Social Media exposed Mainstream Media

From health point of view staying online for long period of time is hazardous. Kids should go out to play, test their physical endurance and be active. Yes social media is termed as addiction by many researchers. But the only benefit I see in social media is that it connected right wing people across the nations. Almost every nation is fed up of Left wing politicians. They are bored with media doing circus on prime time debates and some self proclaimed intellectuals who concentrate on defending Islam after every terrorist. Common people never got platform to express their platforms but social media especially Twitter gave them opportunity.

Media is self certified fourth pillar of democracy. Constitution never said these jokers make the fourth pillar of state. Everyone has right to speech. The only difference is media channels have camera and their anchor sit in good studios with too much make up.

Media propaganda while covering elections

It was felt by many Indians in 2014 that ruling party Congress will lose elections. There were talks about Narendra Modi all around. News anchors jumped like monkeys in their TV studios labelled Modi as anti-Muslim quoting Gujarat 2002 riots again and again.

The media comfortable forgot how Islamic Jihad killed and kicked out Kashmiri Hindus in 1989-90. There were 2012 Assam riots in which Bangladesh Muslims threatened local Hindus in Assam and West Bengal. Even after 800 years of Islamic rule in India if Muslims are poor then its not fault of any political party. Dressing like Arabs will not help them but media only blamed Modi. I criticized PM Modi several times- when NIT Srinagar students were beaten by Islamic groups and  BJP  not taking any stand on Ram Mandir after winning 2014 elections and still there is no Temple in Ayodhya!

I remember even in 2007 Gujarat assembly  elections Rajdeep Sardesai was only asking about Gujarat riots. We all know courts acquitted Narendra Modi and at a point media realized that this debate is doing reverse polarization of Hindus so they stopped discussing this. I appreciate Indian media that they showed in exit polls that BJP will be largest party and some channels even showed clear cut majority.


I saw US election coverage by International media. It was even funnier. First they said that Trump will not even become candidate. All channels started to make fun of wall and the only argument they had was- Trump is Fascist,Islamophobic. They forgot to see or they deliberately refused to see that even common people have started to hate Islam.

After immigration policies of EU and US even West started to feel the heat. Many Syrian Muslims started entering West. Many African Muslims also took shelter. It was clear that most of them were terrorists as refugees from Syria rarely had children or women!

People on social media supported Modi. Right wing thinkers gained popularity on Twitter. If you are not in closed group then Facebook puts severe restrictions on you. There were many posts by right wing thinkers that present Congress regime in India is anti Hindu. Subsidy for Hajj is given but tax on Hindu pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra. Corruption data of Congress Govt was floating on twitter trends.

Similarly in West the rapes in European nations and right wing activist like Tommy Robinson attacked the double standards of media. Many followed him and all around the world Left wing leaders were trolled.


The liberal nightmare worsened when Trump won the elections. Despite their negative campaigning he won. Maybe wall suggested by Trump is costly but its not costlier than the National Security. Many Indian politicians refrained from attacking media directly but Trump said that media is the most corrupt institution!


People sidelined the media analysis. Many tweeted about building wall and keeping Mexicans out radical Islam out. When media discuss immigration they must keep in mind how more than 20 million illegal Bangladesh Muslims created law and order problems. Bombs are manufactured in border states.

Every channel said that Trump will lose. Newspapers like Newyork Times were pretty sure about that. Twitter population in bulk supported Trump at last he won Twitter was right mainstream media circus was wrong. Media should never under-estimate social media. Favoring Muslims in comfortable studios will wont help in knowing reality which people face on ground.


According to media Hillary was always the winner

Media hypocrisy even on small events

Crimes are bad for society. But some specific cases are picked up by media and they do they start their agenda.

Ink thrown at Rashid Engineer became symbol of Intolerance for Indian media. All media houses started favoring him said that India is very intolerant. Again social media came to the rescue. Journalist were planning to make this event as symbol of Intolerance.

But suddenly tweets started coming that when Ink was thrown at Baba Ramdev at that time media was sleeping.

Media was sympathetic for ink attack when the victim was Rashid Engineer. They forgot the blood of thousands of Kashmiri Hindus who were victims of Islamic Jihads.

Ink thrown at Muslim MLA is more valuable than Hindu blood for pro-Islamic media!



Ink on Baba Ramdev.

Dadri Issue-

On Dadri Issue even some foreign channels started saying that India is intolerant. Man named Akhlaiq was beaten to death by some men. Media projected this event as Hindu Terrorism and Intolerant Award Wapsi gang was active and started returning their awards. Well people came to know that they got awards in past only when they returned it.

But Prashant Poojary in Karnataka who was killed by Muslim men for saving cow was not labelled as Islamic terror by super secular media!

Double standrds

Many twitter and Facebook accounts started trolling Award Wapsi gang. Moreover they never returned Awards when Tarek Fatah was attacked by Islamic goons. The tweets which exposed Award Wapsi gang were really funny.

Social media also tweeted a lot when Muslim mob in Malda (West Bengal) attacked police vans and threatened local Hindu minority. Many social media accounts started saying that media did not find Intolerance when police stations were burnt and Muslim mob wanted to behead Kamlesh Tiwari because he made remarks against Muhammad.


Pic taken from a tweet.

We all know JNU incident and how Kanhaiya Kumar was made Hero. Gurmehar Kaur who wanted extra bit of peace between India and Pakistan. She forgot that since 1947 Pakistan is our enemy and India cannot tolerate it further. We faced wars proxy terror attacks and what not. But she was trolled in a Grand style on social media. Even media people felt frustrated.


Mainstream Media hardly covers Important events

I have seen some good Facebook and Twitter accounts which post Unknown facts some Historical events review on foreign policy etc. But News channels are not interested in such things!

They are not interested in telling about Centrally Sponsored Schemes.They will not tell about UNCITRAL (Legal body of UN). India is founding member of this organization and re-elected for 6 years. Russia-China-Pakistan triangle is threat to India’s security and Indian Govt therefore started making close relationship with Afghanistan and Japan. But media will not discuss these issues. They do not care about National Security or Development policies of India. They will not use their brains in discussing issues of Border safety and Make in India initiatives. There were many Apps launched by Govt of India but media only showed BHIM app.

What media discuss it-

Statements of different politicians.

Why no Muslim candidate by BJP in election?

Why SP and Congress are together in UP elections?

Random stories of crime

India is now a racist country.

Media must realize that even Indians are attacked on foreign land and because of one incident saying that whole India has become apartheid is wrong! However even after thousand of terrorist attacks Islam is religion of peace.

Concluding remarks

Left ideology has occupied media and some educational institutions like JNU. By hiding facts and speaking half-truths media hide the true story. Earlier people believed them because their was no social media. Now true pics and videos goes viral. I agree that there are many accounts which are affiliated to political parties. But everyone gets fair chance to speak their mind in this modern era and people can contradict each other and they do so every time!